Saturday, October 26, 2013

I opened the book to the page I had left last night.

‘Besides, breaking off from the…..’

Ripples around, sucking me in. Viscous glug, glub-glub. Nails and their color, the dust and dusting, bookshelves old and new, books more – less space, two dead insects at the shadowy end of my table, split ends and hair loss, night guards’ gossip, their steel lunchboxes, the impending trip, the dresses to wash-iron-pack, dates, dates, dates, alphanumeric passwords- must have at least one capital letter, ear drops, savings, hospitals, father, mother, sister, god, debates, Eliot- George and Thomas

‘……could boast of travelling in such unmatched luxury.
                Besides, breaking off from the Mistrie firm would inevitably have entailed…….’

Promises, once ambitious dreams that now have become jokes, photograph of group smiling, uneasiness, ‘Reference manual for X and Y’, a journey by train, green fields on both sides, butter muffin, rumblings in the stomach

A call for dinner.

Frustration welled up. That particular page is worn worse than any other. Almost three days now that no progress has been made. As I placed the mark, closed the book at the same place for the fourth time and placed it on the table, I prayed, really prayed that the thought demons won't get to me the next time I try to read. That they would really leave me alone so that there would be no words, no sounds, no smells, no sights, swarming my brain and that I could suck up those black marks on the white page like a starved anteater.

Turning off the light I left the room. I thought I heard a laugh behind me. A snigger. And thought I heard someone speak. Couldn't get the entire thing but thought I caught two words – ‘Alpha Que’.

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